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'Center' for Geometry and Theoretical Physics

There is an active group in the mathematics and physics departments which studies areas of theoretical physics where modern geometric methods (algebraic geometry, differential geometry, symplectic geometry and topology) play an important role. Not only are geometric methods applied to theoretical physics, but there are often spinoffs in which new insights into mathematics are gained from studying the physical theories. The primary focus of this group at present is on string theory.

This website also contains a copy of the lecture notes from the special program in Quantum Field Theory at the Institute for Advanced Study, 1996-97.

Faculty with Joint Appointments in Mathematics and Physics: Affiliated Faculty in Mathematics: Affiliated Faculty in Physics: Graduate Students (Mathematics):
Graduate Students (Physics):
  • Sven Rinke
  • Arya Roy
  • Alan Dunn
Former CGTP Postdocs:
  • Eric Sharpe
  • K. Narayan
  • Christian Haase
Graduate Alumni:
  • Carina Curto
  • Paul Horja
  • Robert Karp
  • Ilarion Melnikov
  • Yiannis Vlassopoulos
Undergraduate Alumni:
  • Sarah Dean
  • Chris Beasley
  • Mark Jackson

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